Ready for change?

We help mission-driven organizations cut through B.S. and make better decisions in disrupted industries. If “the way we’ve always done it” isn’t working anymore, we can help you move forward.

We work with all types of mission-driven organizations, but are especially happy to hear from transportation industry non-profits and government agencies.

Some common B.S. we'd like to help you with:

  • Working through resistance to change in a disrupted industry or environment (*try our problem-solving workshops*)

  • Hearing "that's above my pay grade" when you ask someone to take care of a problem, or "everything's great, boss" when everything is not great (*try our people problem diagnostics*)

  • Red tape, bureaucracy, paperwork, and pointless tasks that keep you and your people too busy to do the work that actually matters (*try our trainings or problem-solving workshops*)

  • Bottlenecks and martyr situations where one person is doing all the work (*try our trainings or problem-solving workshops*)

  • Your own B.S., including that moment when you realize that you might be part of the problem (*try our one-on-one sessions*)

B.S.-free pricing:

  • One-on-one B.S. reduction & problem-solving sessions: $250 including follow-up action plan

  • People Problem Diagnostics: $50 per employee plus reasonable travel costs for 25 to 250 employees (including employees who choose not to participate); discounts available for larger organizations and struggling non-profits

  • Workshops and Trainings, including Retreats and Strategy Sessions: Let's talk. Pricing depends on the complexity of the problem.

For clients in government: we know that you're sick of red tape but your procurement department likes it just fine, so we can work with you to figure out how to make this happen (yes, we're DBE- and SBE-certified).

Email: or Call: (720) 772-8544