People Problem Diagnostics

What decision would you change if you had the whole story from your employees?

You know you hired smart people who love to fix things and help customers. So why do you keep hearing "that's above my pay grade" when you ask them to do something new or "everything's great, boss" when you ask for feedback?

We love cutting through the B.S. you're hearing to find out why your employees are resisting new ideas, acting like they don't care, or just aren't bringing their brains to work every day.

We get out there with your employees - with listening sessions, ride-alongs and job shadows, one-on-one interviews, and/or surveys - to get some honest reasons about why your organization isn't working the way it should.

After that, we meet with you to work through your options and help you take action (we don't do reports and paper weights unless you ask for them).

Pricing varies by the size of the organization:

$50 per employee plus reasonable travel costs for 25 to 250 employees

Call or email for pricing if you're smaller, larger, or a struggling non-profit - discounts available

(720) 772-8544 or

B.S. Reduction Sessions

You're trying to change something, but you keep hearing it can't change because "we've always done it this way," so you’re stuck.

Or you're frustrated by a problem that keeps coming up with your employees.

Maybe you've taken the big step of admitting that you're part of the problem (most of us are) and you're ready to get over yourself, but you're not sure how.

Or you just want someone to remind you that you're not crazy - it's the bureaucracy that's crazy.

What if you had someone to call to cut out the B.S. and get something done about your problem?

That's why we offer B.S.-reduction problem-solving sessions. We can't guarantee that the problem will be totally solved when you get off the phone, but we can help you figure out the next steps to take to make something happen.

Generally this takes 90 minutes for the first call and 60 minutes for follow-up calls (if you want them).

$250 per session including action plan

Special for new clients: $125 for the first session

Schedule here or call (720) 772-8544  or email for more information

Process Improvement Trainings

No one knows the work you do like your own employees. If you want to reduce the B.S. in your organization, asking your employees what needs to be done better is a pretty good place to start.

You've probably tried a suggestion box. And it probably didn't work.

That's why we provide your employees with the tools they need to start fixing problems themselves and remember why they came to work at your organization in the first place. Then we ask you to give them permission to try. That combination is the best medicine for the line "that's above my pay grade."

Two one-on-one sessions with you (before and after) are included to make sure you're clear on what your employees need from you, and to make sure you get what you need from us.

At the end of a half-day introductory training, you can expect: Employees/supervisors who are newly motivated to try things and make change happen; your rock stars (and maybe a couple you didn't expect) using the tools to start doing things; resistance and grumbling from the usual suspects.  That's right - we're not miracle workers, but we can get everyone speaking the same language, learning new tools, and bringing just a tiny bit more passion to their work.

Half-day trainings are $1600 (plus reasonable travel costs outside of Denver) for up to 20.

Full-day trainings for supervisors (plus reasonable travel costs outside of Denver) $1600 for up to 8.

More in-depth & follow-up trainings are also available - call or email for possibilities & pricing.

Call (720) 772-8544 or email for more information

Problem-Solving Sessions & Workshops

Sometimes you run into a problem that's too big to solve by yourself or with a small group from your team. It may be worth doing a bigger project if:

- The problem is a major frustration for your customers

- The problem/bottleneck is getting in the way of accomplishing your organization's main purpose

- You need to innovate because you're not able to give your customers what they're asking for anymore with the way you've always done things

- Everyone who needs to be involved (including you) agrees that change is needed and is ready to commit to make it happen, even if they're not thrilled about it

In these cases, we can help you get all the right people in the room and solve the problem together (but only if everyone decides to make the commitment - otherwise we'll just waste everyone's time and create even more B.S.)

We're all for no-B.S. pricing, but it can be tricky with workshops - these can range from $1500-$3000 for a half-day retreat up to as much as $15,000 for a multiple-day workshop with check-ins and action planning in between group session. Give us a call at 720-772-8544 or email at to sort out the details.

Make Change Last (even after you leave)

You've got a few great employees who really go above and beyond. Or, you did one of our training sessions or workshops and now you're wondering how to make the change stick.

We teach tools and help with troubleshooting to make sure the B.S. doesn't come back when you or your best employees retire.

Some of these tools are available in our training classes, but we find the best results happen when we work with you and your supervisors one-on-one or in small groups to make the changes last.

Troubleshooting & Follow-up: $250 per one-on-one session including action plan

Group sessions depend on size and may include reasonable travel costs.

(720) 772-8544 or


We understand that Camacho Insights is not for everyone.

Maybe you hate B.S. but you work in a more administrative area of government (like human services, education, or procurement)?

Or you love the idea of making change in your organization, but the term "B.S." offends you?

Perhaps you're looking for a more traditional management consultant who works in transportation, or a transit planner, market researcher, employee survey firm, or IT consultant?

We know fantastic consultants in all of those areas, and would be happy to make a referral or an introduction to someone who can help you out. Call or email for ideas & connections.