People Problem Diagnostics

What decision would you change if you had the whole story from your employees?

You know you hired smart people who love to fix things and help customers. So why do you keep hearing "that's above my pay grade" when you ask them to do something new or "everything's great, boss" when you ask for feedback?

We love cutting through the B.S. you're hearing to find out why your employees are resisting new ideas, acting like they don't care, or just aren't bringing their brains to work every day.

We get out there with your employees - with listening sessions, ride-alongs and job shadows, one-on-one interviews, and/or surveys - to get some honest reasons about why your organization isn't working the way it should.

After that, we meet with you to work through your options and help you take action (we don't do reports and paper weights unless you ask for them).

Pricing varies by the size of the organization:

$50 per employee plus reasonable travel costs for 25 to 250 employees

Call or email for pricing if you're smaller, larger, or a struggling non-profit - discounts available

(720) 772-8544 or