Problem-Solving Sessions & Workshops

Sometimes you run into a problem that's too big to solve by yourself or with a small group from your team. It may be worth doing a bigger project if:

- The problem is a major frustration for your customers

- The problem/bottleneck is getting in the way of accomplishing your organization's main purpose

- You need to innovate because you're not able to give your customers what they're asking for anymore with the way you've always done things

- Everyone who needs to be involved (including you) agrees that change is needed and is ready to commit to make it happen, even if they're not thrilled about it

In these cases, we can help you get all the right people in the room and solve the problem together (but only if everyone decides to make the commitment - otherwise we'll just waste everyone's time and create even more B.S.)

We've found these workshops work better when we spread them out and give everyone a little time to think in between sessions. Three to five half-day or full-day sessions are usually required, plus at least one pre-meet and one-on-one calls with the team members and at least three follow-up meetings afterwards.

We're all for no-B.S. pricing, but it can be tricky with workshops - these can range from $10,000 to $15,000 depending on how complex your problem is.