Process Improvement Trainings

No one knows the work you do like your own employees. If you want to reduce the B.S. in your organization, asking your employees what needs to be done better is a pretty good place to start.

You've probably tried a suggestion box. And it probably didn't work.

That's why we provide your employees with the tools they need to start fixing problems themselves and remember why they came to work at your organization in the first place. Then we ask you to give them permission to try. That combination is the best medicine for the line "that's above my pay grade."

Two one-on-one sessions with you (before and after) are included to make sure you're clear on what your employees need from you, and to make sure you get what you need from us.

At the end of a half-day introductory training, you can expect: Employees/supervisors who are newly motivated to try things and make change happen; your rock stars (and maybe a couple you didn't expect) using the tools to start doing things; resistance and grumbling from the usual suspects.  That's right - we're not miracle workers, but we can get everyone speaking the same language, learning new tools, and bringing just a tiny bit more passion to their work.

Half-day trainings are $1600 (plus reasonable travel costs outside of Denver) for up to 20.

Full-day trainings for supervisors (plus reasonable travel costs outside of Denver) $1600 for up to 8.

More in-depth & follow-up trainings are also available - call or email for possibilities & pricing.

Call (720) 772-8544 or email for more information